municipal corporation of delhi
5th Floor, A Block, Dr S P M Civic Centre, Minto Road, New Delhi
Important Instructions / Information

    Municipal Corporation of Delhi is looking for empanelment of advertising agencies for the broad scope of work as mentioned herein below:

    1. Advertising

      The Municipal Corporation of Delhi’s advertising campaign range from tender advertisement to full-fledged multi-media, multi-language campaign involving creativity. They are expected to be released in major Newspapers, Magazines, Television, Radio jingles or spots all over Delhi at short notice.

    2. Display Advertisement

      1. All the empanelled agencies would normally be asked to publish advertisements made by MCD. The design finally approved by the Directorate will be released through the agency to media empanelled with MCD.
      2. In case, when the time period is too short to get the design, the work may be entrusted to any of the empanelled agencies to meet the requirement and the design so approved will be released to media.
    3. The aspiring agencies will be required to fill up Proforma and submit documents to initial scrutiny or screening and also furnish undertaking regarding acceptance of the above terms and conditions.
    4. The capability of the designs to influence and motivate the citizens to rightful civic action with regard to keeping the city clean, paying the property taxes in time, adopting preventive health measures etc. against waterborne, vector borne, or any other infectious disease.

    5. To enhance and strengthen our professional services for citizens of Delhi, we shall start ‘Brand MCD Initiative’. It is expected from agencies to participate in brand development strategy whenever needed.

  • (2) Pre-qualification for empanelment

    1. The agency should be fully accredited with INS for last five years and also be registered/accredited with CBC (erstwhile DAVP), All India Radio and Doordarshan Registration/Accreditation with NFDC is desirable.
    2. Agencies must have an independent, adequate and proven Delhi NCR based infrastructure with all attended facilities like creative team copywriters, media team, manpower and professional facilities and other allied facilities with capabilities for production of films and radio jingles as well as for carrying out jobs related to advertisement in Newspapers/Radio/TV Channels/Theatre Screen including digital advertisement and designing capability for quality printing jobs.
    3. It must have at least 3 years of proven track record and 2 years of doing government jobs of similar nature in organization working on civic issues.
    4. It must have minimum yearly turnover of Rs. 25 cr. during the last three financial years i.e. 2019-20, 2020-21, 2021-22 and should submit the audited balance sheet of accounts for the three years as supporting documents.
    5. It must have independent, complete and sufficient infrastructure regarding manpower and professional facilities i.e. copy writing, designing, script writing, recording and production of films etc.
    6. It must provide the latest Income Tax Return.
    7. It must be registered with P.F./ESIC Number.
    8. It must have GST and PAN numbers.
    9. The agency must not be blacklisted or terminated due to deficiency of services from any work contract by any state or Central Government/ PSU or autonomous bodies in last 5 years. (Affidavit to be submitted on stamp paper by the Managing Director of the Company.)
    10. The duration of empanelment of proposed agencies will be for a period of two years extendable by another one year subject to satisfactory performance and approval of competent authority. However, the MCD reserves the right to cancel or extend the validity period of empanelment.
    11. Annual performance reviews on the responsiveness of the empanelled agency will be conducted every year for the continuation or extension of the tenure of empanelment.
    12. MCD also reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions for empanelled agencies.
    13. The agency should be able to execute order at short notices and even on holidays at any place as per requirement.
    14. MCD reserves the right to disqualify such agencies who have a record of not meeting contractual obligations against earlier contracts entered into with MCD.
    15. MCD reserves the right to make necessary modification to the selected artwork concept, film etc.
    16. MCD have right to remove any agency from the empanelled list without assigning any reason whatsoever and without any cost and compensation. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi had right to discontinue the services of the agency and to take appropriate action against the agency, in case it is not satisfied with the work or service.
    17. Disputed agencies will not be allowed to participate in the empanelment process at any stage.
    18. Application received after due date and time or without prescribed documents will be summarily rejected.
  • (3) Terms and Conditions

    (1) Payments and Tariffs:

    1. No terms and conditions or time period regarding payment for the advertisement or other related works released by the empanelled agencies shall be accepted by Municipal Corporation of Delhi. The Corporation shall be kept harmless and no claims whatsoever will be raised by the empanelled agency on any judicial or quasi-judicial forum in this regard.
    2. The agencies should be paid at the rate and tariff approved by the competent authority.
    3. No extra amount/payment over and above the approved rate/tariff would be made for designing, photography, typesetting, drawing preparation, artworks, translation, copywriting of advertisement etc.
    4. The applicable service tax/6ST levied by the Government on the advertising agency would be paid by MCD.
    5. TDS deduction on the bill be made as per prevailing rules of the Income Tax.

    (2) Display Advertisement (Educational, Informative, Revenue earning advertisements etc. involving design work, copy writing etc.):

    1. All the empanelled agencies would normally be asked to prepare advertisement. The design finally approved by the Directorate will be released through the agency to media empanelled with MCD.
    2. In case, when the time period is too short to get the design the work may be entrusted to any of the empanelled agencies to meet the requirement and the design so approved will be released to media.
    3. Advertisements released earlier by the approved advertising agency, if found appropriate by the authorities, can be released to the same agency with suitable modifications, if any.

    (3) Publication of Tender/Auction/Public Notices, etc:

    All empanelled agencies will normally be given work on day-to-day rotation basis subject to the following instructions:

    1. Tender/Auction/Public Notices etc. should be published in the minimum possible space exercising optimum economy.
    2. The type face of main text of the advertisement in English must be Helvetica in 7 point size with maximum of 8.5 point leading.
    3. The type face of main text of advertisement in Hindi must be Walkman/Walkman Chanakaya in 9 point size with maximum leading of 10.5 point.
    4. The advertisements in Punjabi must occupy the same space as the advertisements in Hindi occupy as per above instructions.
    5. The advertisement in Urdu must occupy space not additional to 25% of the space occupied by advertisement in English/Hindi.
    6. The standardized format must be practiced. The width of masthead must not exceed 1 cm. However, in case of single column advertisements for corrigendum etc.,the width of masthead and baseline must be proportionately reduced.
    7. The information regarding availability of official website must be given as per standing standard in running format as and when asked.
    8. For single tender, standard format must be used. No serial number required.
    9. All the tender and advertisement will be released into two column formats. In special case, where numbers of columns are more than six, three-column format should be used.
    10. It is abundant duty of the advertising agency to ensure that all advertisements in English, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi are invariably published without any error or printing mistake. Any error or printing mistake must be immediately published free of charge in the form of corrigendum.
    11. The agency must enclose a certificate that a published matter or a corrigendum has been thoroughly checked and no mistake found with the bill.
    12. If the agency fails to issue corrigendum and any mistake is subsequently found, 3% deduction per mistake will be made in the bill on the amount payable to the newspaper concerned.
    13. Size of NIT/ Advertisements/Notices should be got approved from Directorate of Press and Information office for release to the Newspapers and Periodicals. Translation in Newspapers language and proof reading will be the responsibility of the empanelled agency.
    • The empanelled agencies will be required to submit designs at a very short notice also. The entire work including space booking etc. will have to be ensured accordingly.
    • The MCD reserves right to release advertisements directly to any media or to get any work done from any other empanelled advertising agencies.
    • It is submitted that by way of public notice in newspapers and official website, the aspiring agencies will be required to fill up Proforma and submit documents for initial scrutiny or screening and also furnish Undertaking regarding acceptance of the above terms and conditions. The documents containing Performa and detailed terms and conditions will be available in the office of Directorate of Press and Information. Interested agencies can get them on submitting application on agency's letterhead.
    • Keeping the above facts in view, a Public Notice will be published in Newspapers as per the policy inviting advertising agencies for empanelment with MCD. The Public Notice would also be placed on MCD website as per prevailing policy.

    In order to ensure that serious, competent and viable advertising agencies could apply for consideration a security deposit of 5,00,000/- through online mode at the time of filling application needed to submit.

    The security deposit of unsuccessful bidders would be returned after the approval of empanelment by the competent authority.

    The application must be submitted online and a payment of Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten thousand only) be paid in online mode while submitting the application form. The amount paid is non-refundable and non-transferrable.